2024 Electric Scooter Showdown: Ninebot Max G3 vs. Xiaomi Mijia 4 – Future Expectations and Comparison


Welcome to the captivating world of electric scooters, where innovation meets urban convenience. In the rapidly evolving sphere of urban mobility, two juggernauts are poised for a monumental clash: the speculated Ninebot Max G3 2024 and electric scooter Xiaomi Mijia 4 2024.

Picture yourself gliding through the urban landscape, effortlessly weaving through congested city traffic, and embracing a sustainable, eco-friendly mode of travel.

These scooters represent more than just transportation; they embody a lifestyle choice for the contemporary urbanite, blending technology with practicality.

In this comprehensive exploration, we dive into the rumored features of these two state-of-the-art scooters. We’ll compare their anticipated speeds, travel distances, weights, battery lives, and other key aspects that are vital for you, the discerning urban explorer.

Imagine having the freedom to navigate cityscapes with ease, turning your daily commute into an enjoyable journey, or spontaneously exploring new neighborhoods without worry about range or reliability.

These scooters could revolutionize how we perceive city travel, offering an exhilarating alternative to traditional commuting methods. As we dissect the rumored specifications, envision the impact these scooters could have on your daily life, from simplifying your commute to enhancing your leisure time.

Remember, while this comparison is based on rumors and speculations, it offers a tantalizing glimpse into what might soon become an integral part of your urban adventure.

The Anticipation for Ninebot Max G3 2024


The Ninebot Max G3 2024 is shaping up to be more than just a scooter; it’s rumored to be a vanguard of sophisticated technology and unmatched performance.

Envision navigating the vibrant cityscape, the breeze tousling your hair, as you ride a scooter that’s not just swift and stylish but also a symbol of sustainable urban travel.

Ninebot Max G3 2024
Ninebot Max G3 2024 visualization

Speed and Power:

Anticipated to reach exhilarating speeds of up to 25 mph (40 km/h), the Ninebot Max G3 promises to transform mundane commutes into thrilling escapades. Imagine tackling steep city inclines with ease or cruising along scenic waterfronts, all while enjoying a smooth and powerful ride.

The robust motor is expected to offer not just a journey from A to B, but an exciting experience that redefines urban travel. Picture weekday mornings, where you look forward to the commute, zipping past sluggish traffic with a smile on your face.

Travel Distance:

A speculated range of up to 50 miles (80 km) per charge opens up a world of possibilities. Consider the ease of commuting to work, performing daily errands, or even embarking on leisurely explorations around your city – all without the anxiety of a dwindling battery.

This extended range could mean weekend adventures to parts of the city you’ve never explored, or even spontaneous trips to nearby towns, all while leaving a minimal carbon footprint.


The larger battery is not just about longer rides; it represents a newfound confidence in your daily travels. The days of range anxiety, where you constantly scan for the nearest charging station, could become a distant memory.

Imagine planning your day around activities and not around your scooter’s battery life, giving you the freedom to live your life unrestricted.

Weight and Portability:

The sleek design, complemented by folding handlebars, positions the Ninebot Max G3 as the ideal companion for the urban nomad. This feature promises effortless portability, whether you’re carrying it onto public transportation, storing it in the trunk of a car, or tucking it away under your office desk.

Imagine the convenience of a last-mile travel solution that complements, rather than complicates, your lifestyle. This could change how you view city navigation, making it more about enjoyment and less about endurance.

Additional Features:

The G3’s anticipated improved suspension and larger wheels suggest a riding experience so smooth, it feels like gliding. These features could redefine comfort in scooter travel, making bumpy cobblestone streets or uneven paths less of a nuisance and more part of the adventure.

Moreover, the integration of a built-in GPS and smartphone app takes the G3 beyond a simple mode of transportation; it becomes a connected, intelligent travel companion that not only takes you places but enhances your journey with smart technology.

Imagine a scooter that not only gets you where you need to be but also keeps you connected, informed, and on track, no matter where your journey takes you.

In conclusion, the rumored Ninebot Max G3 2024 stands as a beacon of what the future of urban mobility might hold – a blend of speed, efficiency, comfort, and technological integration, all packaged in a stylish, eco-friendly mode of transportation.

As we await official confirmation, one can’t help but be excited about the potential these advancements hold for transforming our daily commutes and urban explorations.

The Buzz Around electric scooter Xiaomi Mijia 4 2024


The electric scooter Xiaomi Mijia 4, with its rumored advancements, is poised to be a game-changer in scooter technology. Picture a scooter that not only fits seamlessly into your urban lifestyle but elevates it.

This model is anticipated to merge power, efficiency, and state-of-the-art technology, enhancing your daily commute and leisure trips.

Xiaomi Mijia 4 2024
Xiaomi Mijia 4 2024 visualization

Speed and Power:

While it may not reach the heights of the Ninebot in terms of speed, the electric scooter Xiaomi Mijia 4’s potential 600W motor is set to offer a dynamic and responsive ride. This power is perfect for those moments when quick accelerations are needed, such as darting away from traffic lights or navigating through busy streets.

The motor’s robustness is also expected to comfortably handle challenging urban terrains, like steep inclines, making it a reliable partner for varied city landscapes.

Travel Distance:

The speculated range extending over 30 miles (50 km) marks it as an ideal choice for the daily urban commuter. Imagine spontaneous trips to your favorite café across town or a leisurely journey to the park on a sunny afternoon, all without the worry of battery life.

The electric scooter Xiaomi Mijia 4 could transform the way you think about short city trips – making them more enjoyable and less of a chore.


With an upgraded 400Wh battery, the electric scooter Xiaomi Mijia 4 is not just about longer rides; it’s about a commitment to sustainability and efficiency. This enhanced battery life means fewer stops for charging and more time savoring the joys of riding.

Envision a day packed with errands, meetings, and social engagements, all made seamless and stress-free with a scooter that keeps up with your demanding schedule.

Weight and Portability:

While specific details about its weight and portability remain speculative, we can expect Xiaomi to continue its trend of crafting scooters that balance sturdiness with manageability. The electric scooter Xiaomi Mijia 4 could become the quintessential urban companion, easy to maneuver in crowded spaces and simple to store in compact urban living environments.

Whether it’s carrying it up a flight of stairs or fitting it into a tight storage space, the Mijia 4 is anticipated to be a practical choice for the bustling city dweller.

Additional Features:

The electric scooter Xiaomi Mijia 4 is rumored to come equipped with an advanced suspension system, making those bumpy city roads less daunting and more of a smooth glide. The regenerative braking system is not just a technological marvel but a nod to eco-conscious commuting, capturing energy during braking.

Additionally, the potential integration of GPS and smartphone connectivity elevates it from a mere travel tool to a smart device that enhances your journey with navigation, tracking, and security features.

Imagine a scooter that’s not only a mode of transport but also a tech hub on wheels, keeping you connected and in control, whether it’s finding the best route to your next destination or keeping an eye on your scooter’s security.

Expected Pricing: Ninebot Max G3 vs. electric scooter Xiaomi Mijia 4 2024 Edition

In the evolving world of electric scooters, pricing plays a crucial role in consumer choice. Let’s delve into the expected prices of the rumored Ninebot Max G3 and electric scooter Xiaomi Mijia 4 2024 Edition, comparing them to understand better the value they offer.

Ninebot Max G3 – Anticipated Price Range

The Ninebot Max G3, with its suite of speculated upgrades and enhancements, is projected to be priced slightly higher than its predecessor, the Ninebot Max G30LP. The Max G30LP is currently available in the market for around $799.

Taking into account the rumored improvements, which include a more powerful motor, increased battery capacity, extended range, and a refined overall design, the Ninebot Max G3 is likely to fall within a price bracket of $899 to $999.

This price range is reflective of the advanced features and the value they bring to the user. For instance, a more potent motor and an extended battery life directly translate into a longer, more exhilarating riding experience, justifying the higher price tag.

Moreover, design improvements not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also contribute to better functionality, such as ease of storage and portability, adding to the overall value proposition of the Ninebot Max G3.

Electric scooter Xiaomi Mijia 4 2024 Edition – Expected Price Range

Similarly, the upcoming electric scooter Xiaomi Mijia 4 2024 Edition is expected to have a price tag that exceeds its current model, the electric scooter Xiaomi Mijia 3, which is priced around $599.

Given the anticipated advancements, which include enhanced motor performance, extended battery life, an upgraded braking system, and the addition of smart features, a price range of $699 to $799 seems likely for the electric scooter Xiaomi Mijia 4 2024 Edition.

This anticipated price increment reflects the added value that these advancements bring to the scooter. The improvements in motor and battery not only promise a more reliable and extended travel experience but also cater to a growing demand for sustainable and efficient urban mobility solutions.

The integration of smart features, such as GPS and app connectivity, further elevates the scooter from a simple mobility tool to a connected, intelligent device, which is becoming increasingly important in today’s tech-oriented world.

Comparative Price Analysis Ninebot Max G3 vs. Xiaomi Mijia 4 2024 Edition

When comparing the two, the Ninebot Max G3 is expected to be positioned at a slightly higher price range than the electric scooter Xiaomi Mijia 4 2024 Edition. This difference in pricing can be attributed to the varying degrees of enhancements and brand positioning of each model.

The Ninebot Max G3, with its higher range and possibly more significant design changes, commands a premium over the electric scooter Xiaomi Mijia 4 2024 Edition, which focuses more on internal upgrades and smart features.

While these prices are speculative and based on the expected features and market trends, they offer a glimpse into the potential investment for potential buyers.

It’s important to note that actual prices may vary due to factors like production costs, market strategies, and competitive dynamics in the electric scooter market.

Consumers should weigh the features against the price to determine which scooter offers the best value for their specific needs and lifestyle.

As the electric scooter market continues to grow and evolve, these two models stand out as frontrunners in combining innovation with practicality, each appealing to different segments of the urban commuter market.


In conclusion, the rumored Ninebot Max G3 2024 and electric scooter Xiaomi Mijia 4 2024 are shaping up to be more than just advancements in scooter technology; they are set to redefine urban mobility.

The Ninebot Max G3, with its unmatched speed and extended range, promises a thrilling and unrestricted commuting experience. In contrast, the electric scooter Xiaomi Mijia 4, with its focus on power, efficiency, and smart features, is expected to offer a more connected and tech-savvy ride.

Both models cater to the evolving demands of city living, offering practical solutions that blend speed, convenience, and sustainability. As the anticipation builds for their official release, one thing is abundantly clear – the future of urban commuting is not just bright; it’s electric and innovative.

These scooters are not just transportation devices; they are set to become integral components of the modern urban landscape, enhancing our daily lives with efficiency and a touch of excitement.

Stay tuned for more updates, and prepare to embrace a new era in city commuting, where every journey is an adventure, and every destination is within easy reach. The electrifying future of urban travel awaits!

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