Roborock Q7 Max Plus Review: is it a budget self-cleaning robot vacuum cleaner?

Roborock Q7 Max Plus

Roborock Q is high-performance series of the Roborock brand usually cheaper than Roborock Premium S series. So, in this review we will take a closer look at one of the newest Roborock self-cleaning robot vacuums and will see if it can be called a budget robot vacuum cleaner. Roborock Q7 Max Plus Vacuuming performance Robot … Read more

Electric scooter Xiaomi Mijia 1S comparison with Ninebot Max G30 and Xiaomi Mi Pro 2

Xiaomi Mijia 1S vs Ninebot MAX G30 vs Xiaomi Mi Pro 2

The comparison of most popular electric scooters right now – Xiaomi Mijia 1S, Ninebot MAX G30 and Xiaomi Mi Pro 2.

The Hottest Electric Scooters for this summer

As the summer heat arrived, one of the best ways to catch a cool wind is by riding the electric scooter. If you do not have one, no worries, because here you will find some of the best electric scooter deals. So, wipe your sweat from your forehead, and pick the electric scooter which suits … Read more

JIMMY JV85 by Xiaomi Review: the new best handheld vacuum cleaner up to €200?

Jimmy JV85

Jimmy JV85 is one of the most powerful handheld vacuum cleaners. It will clean all of the dirt and debris from any surface – hard floor or carpet. And it’s battery working time is more than enough to cover larger areas.
The main disadvantage of Jimmy JV85 is its weight. It is twice as heavy as other vacuum cleaners with lower suction power.

Xiaomi Mijia G1 vs. Xiaomi Mijia 1C robot vacuums: which one is the winner in the low price section?

It is easy to say that Xiaomi Mijia 1C is an improved version of Xiaomi Mijia G1. It is more powerful, has a visual sensor, and features like No-go areas and Zone cleaning.
While Xiaomi Mijia G1 is cheaper than Xiaomi Mijia 1C and has Two Side Brushes for better cleaning.