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Best electric bikes up to €700

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On this post you will find TOP 5 budget-friendly e-bikes.

Samebike LO26 vs Himo C20 vs FIIDO M1
Samebike LO26 vs Himo C20 vs FIIDO M1

If you are looking for a great electric bike, prices of e-bikes could astonish you, because they are too expensive. Fortunately, Xiaomi, Samebike, Fiido, and others come to rescue – they are offering quality products for a fair price. So you get the best value for money.

So which e-bike is the best? Here is the list of top budget-friendly electric bikes.

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1. Samebike LO26

🟢Large wheels (26″)🔴Heavy 30 kg
🟢Top Speed 25 km/h🔴Max Incline 25°
🟢Electric Range 40 km
🟢Pedal Assist Range 70 km
🟢Max Load 150 kg
🟢4 hours Charge Time
🟢Dual Disc Brakes
🟢Three Riding Modes
🟢Suspension system
🟢Shimano 21-speed trans.
🟢Detachable battery


One of the most significant advantages of Samebike LO26 is its wheels size. Samebike LO26 has 26-inch size wheels. 26-inch wheels are quite popular on regular bikes too. Because of its wheels, Samebike LO26 looks like an ordinary bike and is very comfortable to ride, for the taller person, too.

The Top Speed of Samebike LO26 is 25 km/h. Noteworthy, that in many countries, it is illegal to go past this limit on an electric bike. So it can be said that this top speed is satisfactory for e-bikes.

On Pure Electric mode travel range of Samebike LO26 is up to 40 km. While travel range on pedal assisting mode is up to 70 km. In this mode, pedaling will aid electric motor, so the battery will not drain out up to 70 km. Even if the battery drains out – you can turn on the Manpower riding mode on which you can ride Samebike LO26 like an ordinary bicycle.

You can reach the mentioned travel range because of 10.4Ah / 48V Li-ion battery installed into this e-bike. Another good thing about Samebike LO26 is that this battery is easily detachable. So when there will be a need to charge it, the battery can be charged separately from an e-bike.

Moreover, the battery swiftly will be fully charged. It will take only 4 hours to completely replenish the battery of Samebike LO26. It is rather quick in comparison with other e-bikes.

The suspension system of Samebike LO26 contains Front and Center shock absorbers. They connected to the frame of the e-bike to create Four – bar full suspension system, which makes rides on Samebike LO26 soft. Also, you can turn off this system if you are going on a clean and clear road. By doing this, the speed of the e-bike will increase, and this is very convenient.

Furthermore, for your comfortable ride, Samebike LO26 has a Shimano 21-speed transmission. So you will be able to change 21 gears of speed, depending on the situation, in any e-bike mode – Pure electric, Pedal assisting, or Manpower riding.

In a nutshell, Samebike LO26 is a comfortable, reliable, and budget-friendly e-bike. It is very durable, even for a tall and heavy person. According to the manufacturer, it can be mounted by a person up to 150 kg. Also, it is convenient to transport it, because Samebike LO26 is foldable.

The downside is the weight of Samebike LO26 – 30 kg. So it could be too heavy to transport for a girl, women, or if you will have to carry it too often.

Top Deals for Samebike LO26

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€747.47 from EU Gearbest

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€868.48 from EU Geekbuying with coupon

2. HIMO C20 by Xiaomi

Xiaomi Himo C20
Xiaomi Himo C20
🟢Top Speed 25 km/h🔴Max Load 100 kg
🟢Electric Range 50 km🔴6 hours Charge Time
🟢Pedal Assist Range 80 km🔴No Suspension
🟢Dual Disc Brakes🔴Medium tires (20″)
🟢Three Riding Modes🔴Bit Heavy 21.1 kg
🟢Hidden Inflator Pump
🟢Shimano 6-speed trans.
🟢IPX5 waterproof


Himo C20 by Xiaomi is on the 2nd place on this list. It is a great looking, high-quality e-bike. Himo C20 is smaller than Samebike LO26 – its wheels are 6-inch less. But, that makes Himo C20 by Xiaomi perfect for commuting.

The top speed of Himo C20 by Xiaomi is the same as Samebike LO26 – 25 km/h. Also, Himo C20 can cover 10 km longer distance, than Samebike LO26 on a Pure electric and Pedal assisting modes (Pure electric – 50 km and Pedal assisting – 80 km). 

It has a 10Ah battery similar to Samebike’s LO26. But why Xiaomi’s Himo C20 has a longer travel distance? It is because of its size and weight – 21.1 kg. It is 9 kg less than the weight of Samebike’s LO26.

Although the size and weight of Himo C20 perfectly exploited for the travel range, it is not very comfortable for very tall and heavy persons. The maximum load of this e-bike is 100 kg. So if your weight is passing this point, you need to think over is Himo C20 fitting you. 

Xiaomi Himo C20, also, has a Manpower ride mode in which you can ride it like an ordinary bike and pedal it. Sadly, Himo C20 has only a 6-speed Shimano shifting system, while e-bikes like Samebike LO26 have 21 gears of speed. So your choice of speed is a little bit limited on Himo.

Himo C20 Pump-Seat
Himo C20 Pump-Seat

Another interesting Xiaomi Himo C20 feature is its Hidden Inflator Pump. The seat of this e-bike is also a pump of tires. This ability is not a necessity for e-bike, but if you have an accident or you forgot to fully fill the air of the tires before your ride, Hidden Inflator Pump of Xiaomi Himo C20 would help.

The main disadvantages of Xiaomi Himo C20 that it has no suspension, it is smaller than the Samebike LO26, and the max load of it is up to 100 kg.

On the other hand, the mentioned shortcomings are not so essential for commuting. Actually, with the capability to cover this long riding range Xiaomi Himo C20 is an excellent e-bike for commuting. But if you like, also, rides on a rough road in the forest or your weight is more than 100 kg, Samebike LO26 is a better pick.

Top Deals for Xiaomi Himo C20

Geekbuying coupon: GKB337S
€676.50 from EU Geekbuying with coupon

€716.09 from EU TomTop

€742.40 from EU Gearbest


🟢Fat tires🔴Medium tires (20″)
🟢Electric Range 45-65 km🔴7-9 hours Charge Time
🟢Pedal Assist Range 60-80 km🔴Heavy 25 kg
🟢Top Speed 24 km/h🔴Harder to pedal
🟢Dual Shock Absorption
🟢Three Riding Modes
🟢Dual Disc Brakes
🟢Max Incline 30°
🟢Detachable battery
🟢Shimano 7-speed trans.
🟢Max Load 120 kg


M1 is the newest e-bike by FIIDO. It ranks third on this list. So how is it different from other e-bikes?

In comparison with Xiaomi Himo C20, FIIDO M1 is a bit longer (1.47 m vs. 1.72 m), and its frame is on a higher position than Himo C20.

Fat tires of FIIDO M1 are 20″ x 4.0″. They are about twice as wide as Xiaomi Himo C20 tires. Fat tires are suitable for the bumpy ground, sand, snow, or another rough terrain. Although, fat tires a harder to pedal, so it is not the best choice for a clear road, path if you are going on Manpower mode.

Moreover, FIIDO M1 also has a front and center shock absorbers. So with this suspension, and fat tires riding on FIIDO M1 will feel very soft. Also, because of fat tires, FIIDO M1 can ride to a higher slope than any other e-bike – up to 30°.

The travel range of FIIDO M1 for Pure electric and Pedal assisting modes is quite similar to Xiaomi Himo C20. Though FIIDO M1 has a larger battery – 12.5Ah, but its fat tires require more power because of more friction. Also, this battery is detachable like Samebike’s LO26, so you can fully charge it more comfortably. However, completely charging it takes time – 7-9 hours.

Shimano 7-speed transmission incorporated in FIIDO M1. In comparison with Xiaomi Himo C20, it has 1 gear more. On Manpower mode you can pedal FIIDO M1 using your legs, though it is harder to do than on other e-bikes due to the Fat tires.

FIIDO M1 is a folding e-bike. However, it is a little bit too heavy to carry around – 25 kg. But you can easily transport it in the trunk of the car or into the bus because folded FIIDO M1 takes a little space.

So the downside of FIIDO M1 is that Fat tires create more friction on clear roads or paths. It would require more energy, and pedaling it on Manpower mode would be a lot harder than on ordinary e-bike. Moreover, FIIDO M1 is heavier and more expensive than Xiaomi Himo C20.

Yet, if you are looking e-bike for commuting on hilly or rough roads. Or you would like to ride on a snowy or sandy or other harsh terrain using your e-bike. FIIDO M1 is a perfect pick for you.

Top Deals for FIIDO M1

Geekbuying coupon:
– €853.53
€853.53 from EU Geekbuying with coupon



Fiido D2
Fiido D2/ Fiido D2S
🟢Top Speed 25 km/h🔴Electric Range 20-35 km
🟢Max Load 120 kg🔴Pedal Assist Range 40-50 km
🟢5 hours Charge Time🔴Max Incline 25°
🟢Dual Disc Brakes🔴Small wheels (16″)
🟢Three Riding Modes🔴Only Center Suspension
🟢Shimano 7-speed trans.
(on D2S FIIDO model)
🔴No Speed trans.
(on D2 FIIDO model)
🟢Cheap🔴Bit Heavy 19.5 kg


FIIDO D2 and FIIDO D2S are e-bikes manufactured for commuting. They are ranked 4th on this list.

The only difference between D2 and D2S models is that D2S has a Shimano 7-speed transmission, while FIIDO D2 has no speed shifting system. So on FIIDO D2, you can not change your speed.

D2 and D2S are small e-bikes, their wheels are only 16″. So these models are suited for commuting. Moreover, FIIDO D2 and D2S are foldable. These e-bikes fold to twice as small size as the original. So they are great for transporting or carrying it with you. Though FIIDO D2 and D2S are bit heavy – 19.5 kg, but they are lighter than e-bikes ranked above them in this list.

Because of the small size, FIIDO D2 and FIIDO D2S are not very comfortable to ride for a taller person. Moreover, you will not feel as safe as on other larger e-bikes.

FIIDO D2 and D2S can cover about twice a shorter travel distance, than Samebike LO26, Xiaomi Himo C20, and FIIDO M1. D2 and D2S models by FIIDO have a lower capacity battery – 7.8Ah. Though their size is smaller, their weight is similar to Xiaomi Himo C20. Also, small wheels require more power, so it is logical that FIIDO D2 and D2S are only able to cover such a short distance.

Also, FIIDO D2 and D2S, like all other e-bikes, have Manpower mode. Where you can to pedal e-bike for yourself. Though FIIDO D2 has no Speed Shifting system, so you will able to ride only on 1 gear, while FIIDO D2S has a 7-speed transmission by Shimano

Therefore, if you are looking for a cheap, small e-bike for commuting short distances – FIIDO D2 or D2S is a safe choice. But, if you are looking for something more, pick above ranked e-bikes on this list.

Top Deals for FIIDO D2S

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GKB251S – €411.56
€495.17 from EU Geekbuying with coupon

Top Deals for FIIDO D2

Geekbuying coupon:
€486.23 from EU Geekbuying with coupon

€482.82 from EU TomTop

5. FIIDO D1 10.4Ah 

Fiido D1
Fiido D1
🟢Top Speed 24 km/h🔴No Suspension
🟢Max Incline 30°🔴Very small wheels (14″)
🟢Max Load 120 kg🔴7 hours Charge Time
🟢Three Riding Modes🔴No Speed trans.
🟢Dual Disc Brakes🔴Electric Range 25-40 km
🟢Cheap🔴Pedal Assist Range 40-60 km
🟢Light weight (17.5 kg)


FIIDO D1 10.4Ah ranked 5th on this list. This version of FIIDO D1 has a larger battery incorporated – capacity of 10.4Ah.

E-bike FIIDO D1 10.4Ah is even tinier than FIIDO D2/D2S. Its wheels are definitely small – only 14″. So it weighs less – merely 17.5 kg, like an e-scooter. So it will be simple to transport and carry it. Moreover, FIIDO D1 10.4Ah is foldable. It looses about half of its size while folded. So if you will need to bear your e-bike a lot, FIIDO D1 10.4Ah is an excellent pick.

However, because of its size, FIIDO D1 10.4Ah is not very comfortable to ride. Also, there is a lack of sense of security while riding it.

Even, with upgraded battery – 10.4Ah, FIIDO D1 covers only a bit longer distance, than FIIDO D2/D2S. The lesser weight aids, but tiny wheels need more power to cover a lasting range.

FIIDO D1 10.4Ah has no speed transmission, has no suspension, has long charging time, and is very small. FIIDO D1 10.4Ah is a splendid pick, only when you do not want to spend a higher sum of money on an e-bike. Also, FIIDO D1 10.4Ah is a great electric bicycle for commuting short distances and carrying it with yourself.

Top Deals for FIIDO D1 10.4Ah

Geekbuying coupon:
NNNKQ84K – €375.96
GKB249S – €387.56
€375.96 from EU Geekbuying with coupon

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