Comparison of most popular electric scooters: Xiaomi Mijia 1S vs. Ninebot Max G30

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These days electric scooters become more and more popular – especially for commuting. It is a way cheaper alternative to cars and, of course, more eco-friendly. Electric scooters, also, are a better alternative to public transport because by commuting on scooters, you will avoid public transport schedule frames. Just take it from your home, unfold it, and you are on the way to your work or meet some of your friends. Moreover, you do not need any parking space for an electric scooter – just fold it and take it with yourself.

So, in this post, you will see a comparison of the most popular electric scooters on the market right now – Xiaomi Mijia 1S vs. Ninebot MAX G30. No wonder why these scooters are so hot right now. You get the best performance without paying a larger amount of sum. So let’s check which of these electric scooters suits you best.

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Xiaomi Mijia 1SNinebot MAX G30
Top Speed:25 km/h30 km/h
Travel Range:30 km65 km
Maximum load:100 kg100 kg
Weight :12.5 kg18.7 kg
Power:250W (500W peak)350W (700W peak)
Charging time:5 hours6 hours (built-in charger)
Climbing angle:14%20%
Wheels:8,5″ pneumatic tires10″ tubeless pneumatic tires

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Top speed and range of travel: Xiaomi Mijia 1S vs. Ninebot Max G30

The Top Speed and the Travel range are the most important things to consider before buying an electric scooter. These specifications of electric scooter determine how quickly you will reach your destination and altogether if it is possible to reach the destination in the first place.

As you can see from the table above, the Ninebot MAX G30 is faster than Xiaomi Mijia 1S. Electric scooter Ninebot MAX G30 can reach up to 30 km/h, while Xiaomi Mijia 1S can go up to 25 km/h. So, if 25 km/h of speed is not enough for you, consider that Ninebot MAX G30 is a better option for you.

The reason why Ninebot MAX G30 is so fast – is its 350W brushless engine. Xiaomi Mijia 1S engine is not so powerful. Naturally, because of that, Ninebot MAX G30 is not only faster than Xiaomi Mijia 1S but has better acceleration. With this kind of acceleration, Ninebot MAX G30 is capable to cover a 20% climbing angle. Thus, if planning to ride along on the higher steeps, pick Ninebot MAX G30 over the Xiaomi Mijia 1S.

Certainly, in comparison with Xiaomi Mijia 1S, Ninebot MAX G30 has the most powerful engine, hence it will have the largest battery. So, it will have the longest travel range. Ninebot MAX G30 can cover 65 km, while Xiaomi Mijia 1S – 30 km. So, as you can see the difference in travel range of these scooters is enormous. Ninebot MAX G30 is capable to cover twice a distance as Xiaomi Mijia 1S. Thus, if you have an intention to go on lengthy trips by electric scooter – your best choice is Ninebot MAX G30.

Normally, if there is a larger battery – it takes a longer time to fully charge it. But not in this case. Because it takes only 6 hours to charge Ninebot MAX G30. On the other side, Xiaomi Mijia 1S can be fully charged in less time – 5 hours.

Comfort: Xiaomi Mijia 1S vs. Ninebot Max G30

One of the most relevant aspects to consider regarding the comfort of electric scooters is shock absorption. If an electric scooter’s shock absorption is almost equal to none, your trip on the electric scooter will feel like hell. Good thing that Xiaomi Mijia 1S and Ninebot MAX G30 got covered it.

One of the best ways to solve the shock absorption problem of electric scooters is pneumatic tires. It means that the tires of electric scooters are filled with air, so every bump on the road will feel softer. Also, the larger the tires electric scooter has, the softer the ride will be.

In comparison with Xiaomi Mijia 1S – Ninebot MAX G30 has larger wheels, so ride with it is more comfortable. Bumps on the road will not be so sensible on electric scooter Ninebot MAX G30, as on Xiaomi Mijia 1S.

Also, Ninebot MAX G30 has self-healing tires. So if tires get punctured, filing inside the tires will cover these holes, and you will be able to continue the trip. Ninebot MAX G30 has its charger incorporated, so if you are planning to charge a scooter on the trip, bringing the cord with you is enough for Ninebot MAX G30

It needs to be noted, that Ninebot MAX G30 is heavy electric scooter. It weighs 6 kg more than Xiaomi Mijia 1S. So this has to be considered if there is a need to carry an electric scooter along.

Price: Xiaomi Mijia 1S vs. Ninebot Max G30

Ninebot MAX G30

Ninebot MAX by Segway
Ninebot MAX G30

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Xiaomi Mijia 1S

Xiaomi Mijia 1S
Xiaomi Mijia 1S

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KSHEGN30 – €303
€303 from DHgate with coupon

Results: Xiaomi Mijia 1S vs. Ninebot Max G30

Ninebot MAX G30

The GoodThe Bad
🔸Longer Travel Range
🔸More Power
🔸Built-in charger
🔸Larger tires
🔸Tubeless pneumatic
🔴More expensive

Xiaomi Mijia 1S

The GoodThe Bad
🔴25 km/h Top Speed
🔴30 km of travel range
🔴Less power
🔴Smaller tires

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