Cordless upright vacuum cleaner Roborock H6: can it challenge Dyson?

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Technical stats of Roborock H6

Roborock H6
Suction: 25 KPa
Suction power: 150 AW
Working time: 90 min
Charging time: 3-4 hours
Weight: 1.4 kg
2 x Hepa Filters
Dust cup capacity: 0.4 L
Status screen
Many package contents

Is Roborock H6 different from other upright vacuum cleaners? Yes, it stands out with its battery. Roborock H6 is a first vacuum cleaner equipped with Lithium-Ion Polymer battery. This battery has a large capacity and is lightweight. Because of that, Roborock H6 has a long working time and does not weight much.

Roborock H6
Roborock H6

Roborock H6 is the first upright cordless vacuum cleaner by Roborock. As you know, Roborock has done astonishing job, with its Robot cleaners – Roborock S5, Roborock S5 MAX, and Roborock S6. Now Roborock shows, what it is capable in handheld cordless vacuum cleaners market.

Roborock H6 Cleaning Performance

Roborock H6 has a stunning suction 25 KPa and suction power 150 AW. For example, Dyson V11 has a 185 AW, while Dyson V10 suction power is 140 AW. So from the technical side, Roborock H6 has less suction than Dyson V11 and more than Dyson V10.

So, Roborock H6 has to outperform Dyson V10, though, it’s suction not powerful as Dyson V11. Noteworthy, that Roborock H6 is not so great at deep cleaning carpet, as Dyson vacuum cleaners. But it does a stunning job on the hard floor.

Roborock H6
Roborock H6

Roborock H6 Battery

What causes Roborock H6 to stand out? Its battery. First time in cordless vacuum cleaners history Lithium-Ion Polymer battery used.

Because of a Lithium-Ion Polymer battery, Roborock H6 has a long working time and does not weight much.

Roborock H6 has a 90 min working time. While Dyson V10 and V11 battery last 60 min. So, Roborock H6 can vacuum for 30 min more, than mentioned Dyson models.

Though Roborock H6 very long working time, the weight of Roborock H6 is only 1.4 kg. Meanwhile, Dyson V10 weights 2.68 kg and Dyson V11 – 3.03 kg. So, Lithium-Ion Polymer battery made Roborock H6 twice as light in comparison with Dyson vacuum cleaners.

Regarding battery charging times, all these cordless vacuum cleaners fully charge in around 3.5 hours.

Filtration system of Roborock H6

One more interesting Roborock H6 feature is its filtration capabilities. H6 equipped with 2 x Hepa filters. These filters located before and after the motor.

Because of the developed Roborock 5-stage air purification system and 2 x Hepa filters, Roborock H6 can purge more than 99.99% allergens as you clean. Air pollution, Cat/Dog dander, Dust Mites included.

For example, Dyson has sealed filtration systems that can capture 99.97% of small particles (0.3 microns). So Dyson filtration capabilities are similar to Roborock H6.

Roborock H6 in a nutshell

Therefore Roborock H6 is a first of handheld vacuum cleaners, which has a Lithium-Ion Polymer battery. This battery is a guarantee that Roborock H6 will have a long-running time an will be lightweight.

Roborock H6 cleaning performance is great, especially on the hard floors.

So Roborock H6 is an exceptional handheld vacuum cleaner with desirable cleaning performance. It is amazingly light and has a stunning running time, though it will be easy to control it and clean your home.

Roborock H6 is lighter than Dyson vacuum cleaners, and its running time is way longer while cleaning performance is similar. Moreover, Roborock H6 is cheaper.

Roborock H6 Deals

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Roborock H6

Roborock H6
Roborock H6

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