E-scooter vs E-bicycle which one is better for commuting?

Electric scooters and bicycles are very popular for commuting now. We can see, that these vehicles are simple to use and they are inexpensive in daily use, so e-scooters and e-bicycle are starting a revolution for every day rides to work or other short trips.

More and more people are thinking to buy one of these e-vehicles. So this post will give the pros and cons of the most popular e-scooter (Xiaomi M365) and e-bicycle (ESPIN SPORT) to help make a decision when choosing one of them.

E-scooter (Xiaomi M365)


· Stable at its top speed
· Small, lightweight
· Work well for city commuting
· Top speed could be higher than 25 km/h (15.5 mph)
· Not quite as comfortable

E-bicycle (ESPIN SPORT)


· Top speed 40 km/h (25 mph)
· Very comfortable to ride
· Harder to squeeze between cars in traffic/around parallel parked cars
· Need to look for a secure place to park them on the street
· More expensive
· Takes time to prepare for a ride
· Heavier

In accordance with Pros and Cons of the e-scooter and e-bicycle, it is clearly seen, that for short-distance trips to work or anywhere else in the city, an e-scooter is a better choice, because it is more expensive, heavier and it takes time to prepare it or park it. But on the other hand, the e-bicycle has a higher top speed and is more comfortable to ride. I hope this post will help you to make the right decision.

Comparison of Electric scooter (Xiaomi M365) and Electric Bicycle (Espin sport). Both are measured for commuting in the cities.

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