FIIDO D3: the review of smaller electric bicycle

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FIIDO D3 Technical stats

Top Speed:25 km/h
Electric Range:25-40 KM
Pedal Assist Range:40-50 KM
Max Load:120 KG
Weight:17 KG
Power:250 W
Charging time:5 hours
Climbing angle:30°
Shifting system:No
FIIDO D3 Review
FIIDO D3 Review

This review of FIIDO D3 indicates the good and bad sides of this e-bike, and why should you get it.

FIIDO D3 is a perfect e-bike for commuting and easy trips. It is tiny, good-looking, comfortable to ride, and you can get it for a low price. The main differences of D3 from FIIDO D1 and D2 are that FIIDO D3 is smaller, and it can not fold in half.

Capabilities of FIIDO D3

The top speed of FIIDO D3 is similar to other e-bikes – 25 km/h. This speed meets the requirements of the law in most countries for e-bikes, so this is good. The motor of 250 W lets FIIDO D3 reach this speed. Moreover, because of the 250 W engine and light-weight build, you can ride up to 30° hills. Even a heavier person can effortlessly ride up to steeper incline.

Speaking about the weight of the rider, FIIDO D3 can tolerate the heaviness of 120 KG. In comparison with similar e-bikes or e-scooters, it is pretty astonishing. Thus FIIDO D3 is a high-quality e-bike because reliable components used in constructing it. So, if you have doubts about FIIDO D3 because of the weight, no worries because it is compatible with a rider with the weight up to 120 KG.

Max Pure Electric’s range of FIIDO D3 is up to 40 KM. Take note that the travel range 40 KM will be on the perfect road conditions. So, on the not ideal pathway with hills and pits, the travel range, in Pure Electric mode, would be about 30-35 KM. In this mode, you will not need to assist FIIDO D3 with pedaling. Just comfortably sit, relax, and enjoy your ride, like on an electric motorcycle. In the Power assist mode (Pedal assist), FIIDO D3 can reach up to 50 KM. Worth mentioning that on normal road conditions, you should reach about up to 35-45 KM. In this mode, you will help FIIDO D3 with pedaling, so the travel range also depends on how hard and how often do you push the pedals. Also, there is a Manpower mode, in which only you will pedal the FIIDO D3 without the help of FIIDO D3 motor, like on a classic bicycle. So in this mode, the travel range will depend only on you.

FIIDO D3 reaches the mentioned travel range by using its 7.8 Ah battery. It integrated into an e-bike’s frame, so the battery is not sticking out. Therefore FIIDO D3 does not look massive or unnecessarily overloaded. It takes 5 hours to charge this battery fully. In comparison with other e-bikes and e-scooters, this charging time is rather fast. Because on a standard e-bike, you will need about 6-8 hours to charge its battery completely.

Comfort of FIIDO D3

FIIDO D3 has a comfortable saddle with an indentation in the middle. So, you will feel no discomfort while riding it. Also, FIIDO D3 has disk brakes on the front and back, so it has a very short stopping distance. Moreover, disk brakes have very long durability.

FIIDO D3 Saddle
FIIDO D3 Saddle

The main disadvantage of FIIDO D3 that it does not have shock-absorbers. Neither on the front, neither on back. Moreover, FIIDO D3 has relatively small wheels – 14″. As you know, the shorter the wheel, the more it sensitive to pits, debris, rocks, and other road irregularities. Therefore FIIDO D3 can feel a bit hard while driving it on rough surfaces. On the other hand, FIIDO D3 has air-filled rubber tires, can absorb a bit of the shock and soften the ride.

Speaking of the small wheels, also, their turn radius is smaller, so shifting handlebars of FIIDO D3 on the turns will be more sensitive, than on ordinary bikes.

FIIDO D3 has a light-built. Its weight is only 17 kg. So it is easy to carry it around. The main problem is that it is not foldable in half, like other FIIDO models, so it could be problematic to take it to bus, tram, or subway. Though it is a small e-bike – it will easily fit in your trunk, and it will take a little space in your house.

Final thoughts of FIIDO D3

The GoodThe Bad
🟢Top Speed 25 km/h🔴Very small wheels (14″)
🟢Adequate Travel Range🔴No Suspension
🟢Max Incline 30°🔴No Speed trans.
🟢Max Load 120 kg
🟢Dual Disc Brakes
🟢3 Riding Modes
🟢Adequate Charg. Time

FIIDO D3 is a perfect e-bike for commuting. It has a sufficient travel range on Pure Electric and Pedal Assist modes. It is small, light, and made of high-quality parts. The downside of FIIDO D3 is that it has no suspension, and equipped with small wheels. These properties can affect the softness of riding on a rigid path. All in all, if we took all things into account, FIIDO D3 has an excellent value for money.

Top deals of FIIDO D3 and other FIIDO e-bikes

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Fiido D2

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