FIIDO M1: the review of FIIDO fat-tire e-bike

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FIIDO M1 Technical stats

Top Speed:24 km/h
Electric Range:45-65 km
Pedal Assist Range:60-80 km
Max Load:120 kg
Weight:25 kg
Power:250W (450W Peak)
Charging time:7-9 hours
Climbing angle:30°
Wheels:20″ x 4″ Fat Tires
Suspension:Dual Shock Absorption
Shifting system:Shimano 7-speed trans.

FIIDO M1 is on the market. Is it the best budget-friendly e-bike? Does it offer the best value for money?


FIIDO M1 is the latest e-bike by FIIDO. It stands out from all the rest e-bikes, because of its fat tires. FIIDO with D1, D2, and D3 has proved that they can produce quality electric bikes. This FIIDO model is different. In comparison with the older models, FIIDO M1 is larger. It has a good looking design, which also comfortable, even for a taller person. Could it be the best e-bike on the market? Let’s analyze FIIDO M1 on this post.

Fat Tires

You can have a lot of fun with FIIDO M1, because of its Fat tires. The dimensions of these tires are 20″ x 4″. They are more than twice wide over the regular bike tires. So you can ride it on snow, sand, mud, and another rough terrain. Moreover, due to Fat tires, FIIDO M1 has an unusual ability to climb a high angle – up to 30°. So FIIDO M1 is a perfect e-bike for riding on a mountain trails, hilly road, or on another path with obstacles, where an ordinary bike can not ride.

Top Speed and Range of Travel

The FIIDO M1 has a top speed of 25 km/h. There is a possibility to reach 30 km/h speed, but for that, you have to push brake and gear shifter at once for 5 secs. Noteworthy that the legal top speed of e-bike is up to 25 km/h in most countries. So it is better not to pass this limit.

The travel range of FIIDO M1 on Pure Electric mode is 45-65 km. Having in mind its Fat tires, this FIIDO M1 ability to cover a long distance only by electricity is astonishing. It is because of the larger FIIDO M1 battery – 12.5Ah. The downside of the larger battery is long charging time – 7-9 hours. On the other hand, the FIIDO M1 battery is detachable, so you will not need to bring the whole e-bike next to a power socket. You can disconnect the battery from the e-bike and bring it to charge. Moreover, the larger battery makes e-bike heavier – FIIDO M1 weights 25 kg Fat tires contribute to this weight, too.

On the Power Assist mode, FIIDO M1 is capable of reaching up to 80 km. In this mode, you have to assist the motor of FIIDO M1 by pedaling. Keep in mind that FIIDO M1 equipped with Fat tires, so pedaling on it is a little bit harder than on ordinary bicycle.

On Manpower mode, you can pedal FIIDO M1, like an ordinary Fat-tire bicycle. In this mode, it will depend on you, what travel range you will be able to reach by using your physical strength.

The Comfort

FIIDO M1 can support a person with a weight of up to 120 kg. Its frame constructed from a solid aluminum alloy, so it is highly enduring. However, FIIDO M1 is heavy – 25 kg. So there can be a discomfort if you will need to carry it a lot.

In comparison with Xiaomi Himo C20, FIIDO M1 is heavier by 5 kg. But FIIDO M1 is longer, than Himo C20. So it is more comfortable to ride on FIIDO, especially for a taller person.

FIIDO M1 vs Xiaomi Himo C20
FIIDO M1 vs Xiaomi Himo C20

Transporting FIIDO M1 is simple because it is foldable. It loses nearly about half of its size when folded. So, it will without effort fit into your car trunk. Or you can transport it via bus or train, but remember, that FIIDO is heavy (25 kg), thus plan your trip in the way, in which you will not need to carry it for a long time.

The riding of FIIDO M1 is softened not only by Fat tires but also by Dual Shock Absorption. The suspension system of FIIDO M1 contains 55 MM Air Sprung Fork on the front and shock absorber on the back. So equipped with this suspension and Fat tires, FIIDO M1 takes an obstacle very softly. You will not feel more prominent discomfort while going on sand, mud, snow, or any other rougher terrain.

The gear shifting system of FIIDO M1 made by Shimano – it has 7-speed transmission levels. Since FIIDO M1 can ride on hilly, or roughly path, it would be excellent if FIIDO M1 would have more gears. Although 7-gears are quite satisfactory, specially if we compare FIIDO M1 with other budget-friendly e-bikes – they do not have any speed transmission or have 6-7 speed transmission like FIIDO M1.

FIIDO M1 in a Nutshell

The GoodThe Bad
✅Fat tires🔴7-9 hours Charge Time
✅Electric Range 45-65 km🔴Heavy 25 kg
✅Pedal Assist Range 60-80 km🔴Harder to pedal
✅Top Speed 24 km/h
✅Max Incline 30°
✅Max Load 120 kg
✅Shimano 7-speed trans.
✅Dual Disc Brakes
✅3 Riding Modes
✅Detachable battery

FIIDO M1 is an excellent e-bike, if you need to commute on hilly or rough roads. It has a great travel range. So you will be able to cover a long distances with FIIDO M1, without a need to charge it. With Fat tires and Suspension system like that, you will feel almost none of the small bumps. Moreover, you can have a lot fun with FIIDO M1 – you can go on grass, sand, mountain and forest roads easily. Even in the winter FIIDO M1 is durable enough to take a spin on the snow.

The downside of the FIIDO M1 is a long charging time. And it is harder to pedal it on Power Assist or Manpower modes, than ordinary e-bike, because of Fat tires.

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