FIMI X8 SE vs. DJI Mini 2: comparison of the best drones for a fair price

Main differences between 2020 FIMI X8 SE and DJI Mini 2

βœ… Max Flight Time ~35minπŸ”΄ Max Flight Time ~31min
βœ… Controllable distance 8kmβœ… Controllable distance
10km (FCC) and 6km for others
βœ… Max Cruising Speed 18m/sπŸ”΄ Max Cruising Speed 16m/s
πŸ”΄Flying limit altitude: 500mβœ… Flying limit altitude: 4 000m
βœ… Wind resistance ≀50kphπŸ”΄ Wind resistance ≀37.8kph
βœ… Smart TrackingπŸ”΄ No Smart Tracking
πŸ”΄ Dimensions:βœ… Dimensions:
204 x 106 x 72.6mm (Folded)138 x 81x 58mm (Folded)
287 x 247 x 96mm159 x 203 x 56mm
Weight: 765 gWeight: 249 g
βœ… Camera: 4K for 30fpsβœ… Camera: 4K for 30fps
βœ… RAW + JPGβœ… RAW + JPG

DJI just launched its new drone for a fair price – DJI Mini 2. Is it better than Xiaomi FIMI X8 SE? Which one to pick? In the table above, you can see the main differences between these drones. Let’s check them.

FIMI X8 SE vs. DJI Mini 2: aircraft capabilities

As you can see from the table above, FIMI X8 SE has a bit higher flying time over DJI Mini 2. It can fly 4 minutes more – in overall 35 minutes. While DJI Mini 2’s flight time is 31 minutes.

It is not much, but still, this advantage is a pleasing thing. Because sometimes you are only short of 4 minutes to get a fantastic photo or video.

Take note that the 2020 FIMI X8 SE can fly for 35 minutes while at a constant speed of 8 m/s, when DJI Mini has to keep a speed of 4.7 m/s in windless conditions to be in the air for a maximum period of time.

Regarding the controllable distance, the DJI Mini 2 beats FIMI X8 SE if you use DJI Mini 2 in countries with FCC standards (US, Australia, Canada, etc.). In these regions, DJI Mini 2 can be navigable in the range of up to 10 km. FIMI X8 SE – up to 8 km.

In other countries (UK, Russia, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, etc.) DJI Mini 2 is capable of distance up to 6 km. So, FIMI X8 SE is overtaking DJI Mini 2 in these regions because it can reach the range of up to 8 km in all countries.

In terms of speed, these drones are almost identical. FIMI X8 SE is faster on cruising than DJI Mini 2 only by 2 m/s (FIMI X8 SE – 18 m/s and DJI Mini 2 – 16 m/s). While max ascending speed is the same – 5 m/s. There is a little difference in max descending speed (FIMI X8 SE – 4 m/s and DJI Mini 2 – 3.5 m/s.

So if the speed of the drone is essential for you, it is almost no difference which one you will pick FIMI X8 SE or DJI Mini 2.

DJI Mini 2
DJI Mini 2

The DJI Mini 2 shines in Flying altitude. It’s Max Service Ceiling Above Sea Level is 4 000 m, while FIMI X8 SE max flying altitude is 500 m. According to this, DJI Mini 2 can go up to 4 times higher than FIMI X8 SE.

Thus, if you like to take photos or videos from more than 500 m height, your perfect choice would be DJI Mini 2.

Although, if you are planning to use your drone in a windy area, the better pick is FIMI X8 SE because it is far better in windy conditions than DJI Mini 2 (50kph vs. 37.8kph). 

Therefore, there is a chance that on a breezy seaside, you will be not able to use DJI Mini 2, while FIMI X8 SE would be a capable fly in these conditions.

Another important feature that drones have to have is Smart Tracking, especially if you are living an active life and want to take breathtaking videos from your daily life.

For example, if you are into skiing, you would love that drone would follow you and would take photos and videos from different angles of your sliding.

Sadly, DJI Mini 2 does not have a Smart Tracking feature. So DJI Mini 2 is not capable to follow the subject. In this case, FIMI X8 SE has Smart Tracking and can track the object from different angles or be fixed on one perspective.

So, if you are willing to take videos of moving objects, FIMI X8 SE would be a better pick than DJI Mini 2 because it has a Smart Tracking function.

FIMI X8 SE vs. DJI Mini 2: dimensions

DJI Mini 2 almost two times smaller when folded and unfolded than FIMI X8 SE. You can perfectly fit it in your pocket if you need it. With FIMI X8 SE, there would be a problem to place it anywhere on you, even folded. It is 20 cm long when folded.


Moreover, DJI Mini 2 is three times lighter than FIMI X8 SE. So it is way easier to carry DJI Mini 2 with yourself.

FIMI X8 SE vs. DJI Mini 2: cameras

Both drones FIMI X8 SE and DJI Mini 2, have similar properties of cameras. Lens (FOV 80Β°, f2.0 vs. FOV: 83Β°, f2.8), Sensors (1/2.6″ CMOS, 12MP vs. 1/2.3” CMOS, 12MP) are nearly similar.

The most important thing that both drones FIMI X8 SE and DJI Mini 2 can take 4K photos and videos at 30 fps.

Also, you can save photos in JPG and RAW formats, which are essential for photo editing.

FIMI X8 SE vs. DJI Mini 2: in a nutshell

βœ… ~3 min higher flying timeβœ… 2 km more controllable distance on FCC regions
βœ… 2 km more controllable distance on non FCC regionsβœ… 4 times higher flying limit altitude
βœ… Max Cruising Speed is higher by 2 m/sβœ… A way tinier and lighter
βœ… Higher Wind resistanceπŸ”΄ No Smart Tracking
βœ… Cheaper

So as can you see from the table above, the FIMI X8 SE and DJI Mini 2 are pretty similar drones but have main differences.

If you are living in a non-FCC, windy country, and the Smart Tracking feature is essential for you – pick FIMI X8 SE.

And, if you will be using a drone in FCC country, there is a need to take photos and videos from very high altitudes, and you like to carry your drone easily with yourself – choose DJI Mini 2.

Moreover, the significant point which would help to make you decision is the price. The DJI Mini 2 is a new model of DJI. While FIMI X8 SE is while around in a market so it has a certain deals. In the case, FIMI X8 SE is a way cheaper than DJI Mini 2.

Top Deals of FIMI X8 SE and DJI Mini 2

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