Is electric scooter Xiaomi M365 PRO better, than classic M365?

Is Xiaomi M365 PRO worth its money? Or is it better to get a cheaper classic Xiaomi M365?

Xiaomi M365 PRO vs Xiaomi M365
Xiaomi M365 PRO vs Xiaomi M365

Everyone heard about the most popular electric scooter in the streets – Xiaomi M365. These days we can get an updated version of this kick scooter – Xiaomi M365 PRO. PRO version of M365 has numerous upgrades.

Technical stats (Xiaomi M365 PRO vs Xiaomi M365)

Xiaomi M365 PROXiaomi M365
Travel distance:45 km30 km
Top speed:25 km/h 25 km/h
Max Load:100 kg100 kg
Weight:14.2 kg12.5 kg
Power:300 W250 W
Charging time:8-9 hours5.5 hours
Climbing angle:20%14%
Wheels:8,5″ pneumatic tires 8,5″ pneumatic tires

Although both versions of M365 have the same top speed, given a larger battery capacity of PRO version, acceleration is improved. So the Xiaomi M365 PRO has an extra pull on the inclines. Max incline of the hill is 20 %.

The leading improvement of the PRO version is its ability to cover a long-distance range. Xiaomi declares that the PRO version could ride 45 km. In reality, on sport mode, it drove a total of 24 km (rider’s weight 77 kg). The same person traveled 16 km on the classic M365 version.

So it’s seen, that pro version could take 8 km longer distance with a full battery on sport mode, than the classic version of Xiaomi M365.

Whereas, PRO version has a larger battery capacity. So it’s charging time is 2,5-3 hours longer, than classic M365. In overall charging time for a full battery of Xiaomi M365 PRO is 8-9 hours.


PRO version of Xiaomi M365 stands 5 cm higher, and handlebars are a little bit wider. Also, the base plate of the PRO version is slightly longer and broader. These attributes make it more comfortable to ride.

One of the most significant appearance change is the LCD Screen. Which is very bright, shows – current speed, what mode you are in (Eco, Drive, Sport), is there any mechanical defects and battery life.

Xiaomi M365 PRO

Noteworthy, the red ring on the front Xiaomi M365 PRO wheel makes it noticeably different than the classic version of M365.


These days Xiaomi M365 PRO is about 150 EUR more expensive than classic Xiaomi M365. For this price, you will get more acceleration and about 8-15 km longer riding distance.

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If you wonder which electric scooter to pick – classic Xiaomi M365 or upgraded PRO version, you need to take into consideration the travel length, which you want to cover with an electric scooter. Because the ability to cover a longer distance (8-15 km longer), is the main improvement of the PRO version.

Also, if you plan to ride on the path, which has many steep hills – Xiaomi M365 PRO is a better pick because this kick scooter can ride to a higher incline.

On the other hand, you have to take into account the weight of Xiaomi M365 PRO. The PRO version can be too heavy if you will need to carry kickscooter often.


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Xiaomi M365 PRO

Xiaomi M365 PRO
Xiaomi M365 PRO

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Xiaomi M365

Xiaomi M365
Xiaomi M365

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