JIMMY JV85 by Xiaomi Review: the new best handheld vacuum cleaner up to €200?

Jimmy JV85
Jimmy JV85
🔶 Enormous suction (185 AW, 23 KPa)
🔶 Long working time (45-60 min)
🔶 Charging time (4-5 hours)
🔶 Large Dust cup capacity 0.6L
🔶 Many package contents
🔶 3.6 kg weight

As you can see from the specifications above, Jimmy JV85 by Xiaomi is a beast of suction. It has a suction power of even 185 Air Watts.

Jimmy JV85 has much more suction power than Dreame V10 (140 AW) and the same as Dyson V11 (price around €650).

So, can you get this enormous suction power for less than €200? And does Jimmy JV85 has all attributes required from an excellent handheld vacuum cleaner? Let’s check.

Design of JIMMY JV85

Jimmy JV85 has an exceptional appearance. It contains two colors – light blue and gray-silver. Because of them, JIMMY JV85 has a futuristic aura.

These colors make Jimmy JV85 one of the best-looking handheld vacuum cleaners in the market. If you would hang to charge Jimmy JV85 in a well visible place, the room will look nicer.

Light blue and gray-silver colors are solid on Jimmy JV85. And if you will take a detailed look at Jimmy JV85, the quality of this handheld vacuum cleaner is seen – Jimmy JV85 is far from looking cheap.

There is an LED display that states how much battery is left and power mode. It is in front of the power button.


The weight of Jimmy JV85 is 3.6 kg. It is a bit heavy. In comparison with other handheld vacuum cleaners like Dreame V10 or Dreame V9, it is more than twice as heavy. Thought, Jimmy JV85 weight is similar to Dyson V11 (3 kg).

From that, you can tell that the high power of suction and long-lasting battery requires more mass.

Although the comfortable design of the Jimmy JV85 does not give stress on hand muscles, so even after vacuuming for 30-40 minutes with one hand, you will feel no tiredness on your hand.

During the tests, the weight of Jimmy JV85 does not cause additional difficulties – it vacuumed smoothly.

Cleaning performance of JIMMY JV85

As mentioned before, Jimmy JV85 is one of the most powerful handheld robot vacuum cleaners in the market. It has the same powerful suction as Dyson V11 (€650).

Jimmy JV85, by Xiaomi, has a suction of 23 KPa and suction power of 185 AW. As our tests showed, it effortlessly cleared all the debris on the hard floor and carpet in one-go

Jimmy JV85 Performance

So it is crazy that you can get this much power for less than €200.

As tests showed, Jimmy JV85 has a long-lasting battery. In ECO mode, its runtime is around 45-50 minutes with the electric head (without an electric head – 60 minutes).

On Turbo mode, while vacuuming with electric head battery lost 37% in 8 minutes. The overall battery lasted around 20 minutes.

While on Max mode Jimmy JV85 lasted for around 12 minutes. It tested with an electric head.

It needs to be mentioned that Jimmy JV85 perfectly does its job on Turbo mode. You will clear all the debris in one-go even on the long-haired carpet.

Whereas, on Max mode, Jimmy JV85 will vacuum even the heaviest dirt and debris in a sec.

The battery of Jimmy JV85 fully charges in 4-5 hours. It is not quick, but also not takes long. The charging time of Jimmy JV85 is similar to the other handheld vacuum cleaners.

Another good thing about Jimmy JV85 is its carpet brush roll. Electric head equipped with carpet brush roll will clean carpets deeply.

Jimmy JV85
Jimmy JV85

During the tests, Jimmy JV85 – equipped with the carpet brush roll cleaned even the smallest debris on the long-haired carpet in one-go on Turbo mode. 

Moreover, Jimmy JV85 has one of the largest dust cup bins in the market – 0.6 liters, while other handheld vacuum cleaners have 0.5 liters of dust cup bins (Dreame V10, V9, Xiaomi 1C, and others).

Although, on this specification, Jimmy JV85 does not beat Dyson V11, which has a bigger dust bin of 0.75 liters.

So, with 0.6 liters larger dust cup bin, there will be no need to clean it as often as other handheld vacuum cleaners.

Also, the battery of Jimmy JV85 is detachable. Thought, if there will be any problem with the battery in the future, you will effortlessly change it.

Bottom Line of JIMMY JV85

Pros of JIMMY JV85Cons of JIMMY JV85
✅Great design🔴Heavy – 3.6 kg weight
✅High suction (185 AW, 23 KPa)
✅Long working time (45-60 min)
✅Avg. charging time (4-5 hours)
✅Large Dust cup capacity 0.6L
✅Many package contents

So, for less than €200, what do you get from Jimmy JV85? As you can see from above, Jimmy JV85 gives more than any other handheld vacuum cleaner in the same price range.

Firstly, it has an astonishing design – therefore there will be no need for you to hide it in storage or cover it with blankets.

Also, Jimmy JV85 is one of the most powerful handheld vacuum cleaners. It will clean all of the dirt and debris from any surface – hard floor or carpet. And it’s battery working time is more than enough to cover larger areas.

Moreover, it has many accessories, a carpet brush roll included, and a larger dust bin for your convenience.

The main disadvantage of Jimmy JV85 is its weight. It is twice as heavy as other vacuum cleaners with lower suction power.

So, if you plan to carry it often for long distances, you need to think, is it not too heavy for you.

Thought, the heaviness of Jimmy JV85 is not a problem while vacuuming. Because of its design, there is almost none stress on your hand muscles.

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Jimmy JV85

Jimmy JV85
Jimmy JV85

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