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Lenovo X1 robot vacuum cleaner review: 22 sets of sensors make it truly smarter

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Lenovo X1 robot vacuum cleaner
Lenovo X1 robot vacuum cleaner

Is Lenovo X1 stands out from a huge number of robot vacuum cleaners? I would say yes and will tell you why.

Lenovo X1 is one of the first Lenovo robot vacuum cleaners. As it is a new market for Lenovo, you can have doubts about the quality of the product, because of Lenovo’s lack of experience in producing robot vacuum cleaners. But this uncertainty has no basis.

The robot vacuum cleaner Lenovo X1 is a result of Lenovo and Qihoo 360 cooperation. As you should know, company Qihoo 360 producing high-quality robot vacuum cleaners, as 360 S7, 360 S6, and others. Moreover, Qihoo 360 won Bull Ear Award – AI Best Application Award and is No. 1 in the Korean Consumer Satisfaction rating.

S7 is the most appreciated robot vacuum cleaner from Qihoo 360. So Lenovo did not reinvent the wheel when they were making plans for Lenovo X1. Lenovo took the basis from 360 S7 and added more functions to it. From this, you can say, that Lenovo X1 robot vacuum cleaner is upgraded 360 S7 version.

Design of Lenovo X1 robot vacuum cleaner

As you can see, the Lenovo X1 design is practically the same as the 360 S7 robot vacuum cleaner. Except for the color palette, which makes Lenovo X1 robot vacuum cleaner to look awesome. It has a premium taste in it. Black and copper elements fit in with each other very well. So Lenovo X1 robot vacuum cleaner will decorate your home for sure.

Lenovo X1 robot vacuum cleaner’s length and width are the same as 360 S7 – 35.00 cm. Both vacuum cleaners are 10.00 cm high. So if you like, that robot vacuum would clean the floor under the bed or sofa, firstly you need to measure if Lenovo X1 will fit.

On top of Lenovo X1, there are 2 buttons: the first one is to start/stop cleaning; the second one is to send Lenovo X1 to recharge. There is an activation/deactivation of blue buttons lighting. Personally, for me, blue lighting of the buttons looks astonishing, so I recommend to keep them activated.

Lenovo X1 robot vacuum cleaner review
Lenovo X1 robot vacuum cleaner

The cleaning performance of Lenovo X1

As I was testing, Lenovo X1 performed very well on vacuuming. It cleaned all the dust and debris in my home in one go, nothing was left.

Unfortunately, Lenovo X1 has also started to clean under my bed, where the floor was not cleaned for years and large dust and hairballs have been formatting on the floor. In this situation Lenovo X1 has some trouble, I had to clean its main brush once. But it finished its job and I was happy with Lenovo X1 vacuuming performance.

Officially declared suction power of Lenovo X1 is 2200 PA. And it is greater, than most robot vacuum cleaners on a similar price range. For example, 360 S7, Roborock S5, Roborock S6, and Roborock S5 MAX have the suction power of 2000 PA. According to that, Lenovo X1 could take more dust and other debris in one ago, than mentioned robot vacuum cleaners.

It needs to be mentioned, that Lenovo X1 robot vacuum cleaner has integrated Japan NIDEC brushless motor. 360 S7 robot vacuum cleaner is also powered by NIDEC brushless motor, but models of these motors could be different and the suction algorithm could be upgraded. Because of that, Lenovo X1 could have increased suction power, but to be truly sure – I will do more testing and will update this post with results.

Lenovo X1 robot vacuum cleaner
Lenovo X1 robot vacuum cleaner

Also, the Lenovo X1 robot vacuum cleaner is quieter, than other robot vacuum cleaners. It makes 55dB noise, while other robots make from 58 to 65dB or more. Lenovo declares, that they made 7 major improvements to reduce robot vacuum cleaner noise and patented this technology (Pioneering mutev technology).

Another good thing about the Lenovo X1 robot vacuum cleaner is a large dust bin – 585 ml. So you will have to clean it more rarely. In comparison:

Robot vacuum cleanerDust bin
Roborock S5 MAX460 ml
Roborock S5480 ml
360 S7570 ml
Roborock S6480 ml

As you can see, only 360 S7 can compete with Lenovo X1 over the volume of the dust bin, nevertheless, Lenovo X1 has a larger dust bin.

As for mopping, Lenovo X1’s performance depends on your needs. It mops specks of dust and not dried stains in one go. To clean dried stains Lenovo X1 has to wipe them 2-3 times.

Lenovo X1 has a 170ml water tank. This water capacity is enough for about 100 m2 . So if you want to mop a large house, you will have to refill Lenovo X1’s water tank. Moreover, there is no water flow control in this robot vacuum cleaner, it has a standard level, in which moping is satisfactory.

The mopping principle of Lenovo X1 is similar to 360 S7 robot vacuum cleaner’s. The water drops are slowly going from the water tank to the robot vacuum cleaner’s wipe. By this, Lenovo X1, with help of pressure from robot vacuum weight and wet wipe, mops the floor.

Lenovo X1 can climb up to 2 cm, so it will clean higher carpets without any problems. For your convenience you can set no-mop zones on the carpets in your home, to keep them dry.

Navigation of Lenovo X1

Lenovo X1 has an Automated indoor navigation system 5.0, LDS Lidar + SLAM algorithm + high precision map. Using this laser-assisted technology Lenovo X1 scans its surroundings in real-time. This is a top-class navigation technology because Lenovo X1 scanned my apartment perfectly and identified all larger obstacles in its way.

Thanks to Lenovo X1 collision calibration sensors, there is no bumping to the walls, furniture or other objects. Lenovo X1 smartly calculates a distance from the object, by doing this, it very carefully cleans the floor around the object, without bumping into it. Moreover, it cleans all the area around any object, without leaving any spot uncleaned. Note: there can be a tiny bumping to walls or other objects on the first Lenovo X1 scan.

Also, Lenovo X1 shows astonishing performance in disentangling. With the help of collision calibrations sensors for anti-jamming and wire anti-winding, it can get out from almost any trouble. If Lenovo X1 gets stuck under furniture or gets tangled into the wires, most likely Lenovo X1 will get out of this situation. Besides, if Lenovo X1 gets stuck twice or more times in the same location, it will ask an owner so set a restricted area on this spot.

Collision calibration sensors make Lenovo X1 astonishing robot vacuum cleaner because the robot vacuum cleaner behaves more smartly, most likely does not get stuck and does not bump into walls, furniture or other objects.

Lenovo declares, that because of increased suction and improved navigation, Lenovo X1 robot vacuum’s cleaning efficiency is increased by 20%.

On the testing, the Lenovo X1 robot vacuum cleaned 1 m2 in about 1 min. If mopping function is turned on, cleaning took a bit longer – about 1 m2 per 1 min 8 sec. So from this, we can tell, that Lenovo X1 cleans pretty fast and it’s improved in comparison with other robot vacuum cleaners, like 360 S7.

Yet, you need to take attention to the battery of Lenovo X1, if you have a larger house and like to clean large areas quickly. Lenovo X1 battery is 3200 mAh, it is smaller than most of other robot vacuum cleaners. Fortunately, Lenovo X1 has a Recharge and Resume function. So, when it is low on battery, Lenovo X1 will be back to recharge dock and when it fully recharges, it will be back to finish the job. So you can not worry about uncompleted cleaning.

The main downside of the smaller battery is, that if you would like to clean larger areas with Lenovo X1, it would take a longer time. On the testings with a mopping function, Lenovo X1 cleaned 43 m2, when it completed the task, its battery was dropped to 83%. So from this, it seems, that Lenovo X1 can clean 150-200 m2 in one go.

Application of Lenovo X1

Lenovo X1 robot vacuum cleaner is managed by the smartphone app called Lenovo Cleaner X1. You can download it on the Apple App Store for Apple devices (IOS) and for Android devices you can download it on the Google Play Store.

Lenovo Cleaner X1 app is almost identical to Qihoo 360Smart app. Even you can log into the Lenovo Cleaner X1 app with your valid 360smart account. But, the thing is not bad. Because the 360smart app is approved by customers and has many features.

Using Lenovo Cleaner X1 you can set no-mop and no-go areas. These functions are essential to robot vacuum cleaners because you want to keep your carpets and dry, and most likely you have spots in your home, from which you want to keep robot vacuum cleaner away. Moreover, if you are turned on the Carpet boost feature in the app, Lenovo X1 will increase its suction to the max.

Lenovo cleaner X1 app
Lenovo cleaner X1 app

You can save up 3 maps in Lenovo Cleaner App, so it is convenient if you have more than 1 floor. Also, you can use Schedule function to plan and set the cleaning date and time for the Lenovo X1 cleaner.

Room recognition ability is also very convenient. Because you can order Lenovo X1 to clean only a specific room or you can set an individual setting for a specific room. For example, you can set mopping and lower suction in the kitchen and no mopping and higher suction in the bedroom.

Specify the room function is only available after at least 1 complete cleaning, when the robot starts cleaning from charging dock and finishes cleaning without interruption, then gets back to charging dock to recharge. During the testing, it took more, than 1 complete cleaning, for Lenovo X1 to identify the separate room. Maybe it is because there were set no-mop zones and it was hard for Lenovo X1 to identify rooms.

Lenovo X1 robot vacuum cleaner in a nutshell

As testing shows, Lenovo X1 is an ideal cleaning robot vacuum cleaner in its price range. For €390 you get a premium robot vacuum cleaner with a stunning designpowerful 2200 Pa suctionsmarter navigation, an amazing collision calibration, and a large dust bin. So, if you are looking for a high-quality robot vacuum cleaner pick Lenovo X1.

Since Lenovo X1 mopping ability is average – there is no water level control and the water tank is not large, so if you are looking for a robot vacuum with a really good moping performance pick Roborock S5 MAX. It needs to be noted, that Roborock S5 MAX vacuuming performance is lesser than Lenovo X1. Moreover, Lenovo X1 is smarter, than Roborock S5 MAX (22 vs 14 sets of sensors). If you need more information about Roborock S5 MAX, check these posts:
Lenovo X1 vs Roborock S5 MAX
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Although Lenovo X1 has a basis of Qihoo 360 S7, it is truly upgraded, it has more features, more sensors, larger dust bin, and other features, that make it much better, than 360 S7. Furthermore, it has a stunning color palette design, which gives Lenovo X1 a premium look.

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