Ninebot MAX G30 vs Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 (Comparison)

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Every true commuter is talking about electric scooter Ninebot MAX G30 by Segway now. From talks, that I heard – it looks like, that Ninebot MAX G30 is putting some kind of milestone for other scooters. So, in this post, I will analyze Ninebot MAX G30 in comparison with Xiaomi Mi Pro 2, which has been launched not long ago.

As you know, Segway is owned by Xiaomi. In this way, Ninebot MAX G30 has a lot of similar features and design aspects from Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 . Nevertheless, Ninebot MAX G30 has some exceptional differences from Xiaomi electric scooters, which makes it stand out. According to the Segway, Ninebot MAX G30 is the perfect combination of the M365 and the ES4. So let’s compare it with Xiaomi Mi Pro 2.

Technical stats (Ninebot MAX G30 vs Xiaomi Mi Pro 2)

Ninebot MAX G30Xiaomi Mi Pro 2
Top speed:25-30 km/h25 km/h
Travel range:65 km45 km
Maximum load:100 kg100 kg
Weight:18,7 kg14,2 kg
Power:350W (700W peak)300W (600W peak)
Charging time:6 hours (built-in charger)8-9 hours
Climbing angle:20%20%
Wheels:10″ tubeless pneumatic tires8,5″ pneumatic tires

Top speed and range of travel

As you can see in the table above, Ninebot MAX G30 top speed could be 5 km/h faster, than Xiaomi Mi Pro 2. But it depends on which country you are living in. According to the Segway, you can get either 25 km/h or 30 km/h top speed versions of Ninebot MAX G30. The top speed of the scooters has to meet the requirement of the local law. If there are no restrictions for 30 km/h electric scooter’s top speed in your country, you will get this top speed version of Ninebot MAX G30. Otherwise, you will get a Ninebot MAX with the same top speed as Xiaomi Mi Pro 2.

The standard Ninebot MAX model is called G30. While the special model for Germany is named Ninebot MAX G30D. The max speed of this model (G30D) is 20 km/h. This is the main difference between models G30 and G30D.

Also, Ninebot MAX G30 has a battery capacity of 551Wh. This is 77Wh more than Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 (474Wh). So because of that, Ninebot MAX G30 could travel 20 km more, than Xiaomi Mi Pro 2.

Xiaomi M365 PRO vs Ninebot MAX, comparison of PRO and MAX


Both scooters have pneumatic tires for shock-absorption. But Ninebot MAX G30 has larger tires, than Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 (10″ vs 8,5″). So this difference has to make Ninebot MAX G30 ride smother on rocky or sandy surfaces. Furthermore, tires of Ninebot MAX G30 are tubeless, and self-healing. These tires are filled with sealant, when tires get punctured with a nail (less than 6mm in diameter), this sealant fills the holes. This way, there is no need to change a punctured tire.

It needs to be said, that Ninebot MAX G30 is a way heavier, than Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 – it weights 4,5 kg more. So, if you will be carrying it up to the stairs, it will make you feel like in some kind of workout. It looks like, built-in charger and larger battery makes Ninebot MAX G30 4,5 kg heavier. Folding mechanisms in both scooters are similar.


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Ninebot MAX G30

Ninebot MAX by Segway
Ninebot MAX G30

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Xiaomi Mi Pro 2

Xiaomi M365 PRO 2
Xiaomi Mi Pro 2

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Ninebot MAX G30

The GoodThe Bad
🔸5 km/h faster ?*
🔸20 km more of travel range
🔸50W more power
🔸2 hours less charging time
🔸built-in charger
🔸1,5″ larger tires
🔸tubeless pneumatic
🔴4,5 kg more weight
🔴significantly more expensive

Xiaomi Mi Pro 2

The GoodThe Bad
🔸4,5 kg less weight
🔸significantly cheaper
🔴5 km/h slower ?*
🔴20 km less of travel range
🔴50W less power
🔴2 hours more charging time
🔴1,5″ smaller tires

*Top speed of Ninebot MAX G30 depends on local restrictions of the country. If it will be sent to the country in which 30 km/h speed of the electric scooter is forbidden, then the top speed of Ninebot MAX will be 25 km/h, the same as Xiaomi Mi Pro 2.

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