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Best deals of Xiaomi, OnePlus, Segway and others (updated 12.02.2020)

Best deals of Xiaomi, OnePlus smartphones (like Xiaomi Mi 9T PRO, Redmi Note 8 Pro, OnePlus 7T PRO and others) Xiaomi M365 PRO and Ninebot MAX by Segway electric scooters, Xiaomi vacuum cleaners – Roborock S5 MAX, Roborock S6, Roborock S5, Mijia, Xiaomi Fimi X8 SE drone, and other popular stuff.

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Roborock S5 MAX vs Roborock S6: Review of Xiaomi robot cleaners

If you are choosing between Roborock S5 MAX and Roborock S6, pick Roborock S5 MAX. As they both are robot vacuum cleaners of the latest generation, Roborock S5 MAX has more functions regarding mopping. Moreover, it has an intelligent charging. Especially when the price of both vacuum cleaners is similar. On the special deals, Roborock S5 MAX is even cheaper than Roborock S6.

Realme X2 PRO vs Xiaomi Mi 9 PRO 5G: which one to choose?

Realme X2 PRO and Xiaomi Mi 9 PRO 5 are both high-quality phones. The main difference is that Realme X2 PRO has a 90Hz Display, UFS 3.0, Better Camera Performance. As Xiaomi Mi 9 PRO 5G has the ability to use 5G, wireless charging and reverse charging.

Ninebot MAX by Segway – can any scooter beat it?

Ninebot MAX owns most important features for commuting, especially it is a beast on a ability to cover long travel range. So you could fairly call Ninebot MAX king of commuting.

Realme X2 PRO – what do we get for the price this low?

Realme X2 PRO – for a half-price of premium flagship you will get Top Class Screen Specs, 50 W Fast Charging, Load Dual Speaker, Great Gaming Experience, Good Photos, and 3.5 mm Audio Jack. It’s amazing.

Xiaomi Redmi 7A 16GB only for €63.69, is it the cheapest smartphone?

For €63.69 you can get a budget phone with premium smartphone features. Clearly Xiaomi Redmi 7A is the cheapest smartphone who can handle all the basic tasks in your routine.

Xiaomi Mi 9 PRO review: is it better than Xiaomi Mi 9?

Xiaomi Mi 9 PRO will have 5G. Its performance will be about 30% faster, battery 21% larger, than standard Xiaomi Mi 9. Also, Xiaomi Mi 9 PRO fast charging is improved and it will have reverse charging feature.

Best electric scooters (updated 26.03.2020)

Here you find the best electric kick scooters given the price. Ninebot MAX, Xiaomi M365 PRO, Xiaomi M365, KUGOO S1 PRO, Ninebot ES2 – check them out.

Xiaomi Mi 9T PRO or Xiaomi Mi 9? Which one is better?

Main differences between Xiaomi Mi 9T PRO and Xiaomi Mi 9 are Battery, Screen to Body Ratio, Headphone Jack, Lesser Camera Performance, Older Gorilla Glass Protection and none Wireless Charging.