Ninebot MAX G30 vs Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 (Comparison)

Ninebot MAX G30 vs Xiaomi Mi Pro 2

Ninebot Max G30 by Segway is analyzed in comparison with Xiaomi Mi PRO 2.

Is electric scooter Xiaomi M365 PRO better, than classic M365?

If you wonder which electric scooter to pick – classic Xiaomi M365 or upgraded PRO version, you need to take into consideration the travel length, which you want to cover with an electric scooter. Because the ability to cover a longer distance (8-15 km longer), is the main improvement of the PRO version.

Sony reveals more details about PS5

In case you were wondering, will PS5 be launched in 2019, what resolution it will support? These and other questions were answered by Sony’s next-gen PlayStation lead system architect Mark Cerny in an interview with Wired. We need to note, that the name for next-gen PlayStation is not yet confirmed, but historically we can guess … Read more