Review of FIIDO D4s: the new best e-bike for commuting?

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FIIDO D4s e-bike main features

🔸 25 km/h Top Speed (33-34 km/h unlocked)
🔸 40-50 km Pure Electric Range (up to 80 km assisted)
🔸 20″ Inflatable Tires
🔸 In 7 Hours Fully Charges
🔸 18.5 kg Weight

Here is the new FIIDO e-bike D4s with 20″ tires. It has a stunning design and essential features for the low price. But is it enough to be the best e-bike in the market? Let’s see.

Design of FIIDO D4s


What is the main difference of FIIDO D4s from other FIIDO e-bike? It is FIIDO D4s larger wheels. Older FIIDO models, like D2s, have 16″ wheels, while D1s have 14″.

So FIIDO D4s stands out with it’s larger 20″ wheels. This e-bike looks like a standard e-bike for commuting. Opposite to its predecessors – D3s, D2s, and D1s. These are tiny e-bikes.

The dominant color of FIIDO D4s is black, and it has some details of light green color. This composition of colors gives FIIDO D4s a premium look.

Moreover, the black color is more efficient because it makes dirt hardly to see on it.

The frame of FIIDO D4s is made from aluminum alloy. Because of that, the FIIDO D4s is a lightweight – 18.5 kg. At the same time, it maintains durability.


Because of the low weight, it is easy to carry FIIDO D4s on the stairs or to the bus. And this is one of the most essential features for commuting e-bikes.

As mentioned before, the FIIDO D4s are durable. The max weight it can carry is 120 kg. Thus, if you are the heavyweight, you can ride FIIDO D4s easily. Or if you like to bear a heavy bag on FIIDO D4s, there will be no difficulties.

Another good thing about aluminum alloy that it does not rust. So, with FIIDO D4s, you will have no problems with the corrosion of e-bike.

Performance of FIIDO D4s

The top speed of FIIDO D4s is 25 km/h. It is the legally permissible speed for e-bikes and e-scooters in most countries. Thus, in factory settings, FIIDO D4 is limited to this speed.


But there is a possibility to unlock the capabilities of FIIDO D4s. With the unlocked firmware, FIIDO D4s speed can reach 33-34 km/h. It is astonishing, that you can seek this kind of top speed with an e-bike for €550-600.

If you are willing to unlock FIIDO D4s for the higher speed, check with your legal authorities what top speed is allowed for an e-bike. Moreover, test if this speed is safe on the roads and tracks you are willing to go on FIIDO D4s e-bike.

The battery of FIIDO D4s is incorporated in its frame. So, looking from aside, you can not tell that this is an e-bike and not a regular bicycle.

Thought, you can not remove the battery from its frame. So when you are charging FIIDO D4s whole e-bike has to be next to the power socket. It takes 7 hours to fully charge this e-bike. Thus, during the night, you will have to keep FIIDO D4s nearby power socket to charge it.

FIIDO D4s battery capacity is 10.4Ah. It is a bit larger battery than the Xiaomi Himo C20 battery. Thus with this battery, FIIDO D4s is capable to cover 40-50 km on pure electric mode and up to 80 km on pedal-assisted mode.

This range is the same as the Xiaomi Himo C20 e-bike, which is €200 more expensive than FIIDO D4s.


As you can see, FIIDO D4s performance is equal to expensive e-bikes, like Xiaomi Himo C20. Actually, if we compare the top speed of FIIDO D4s and Xiaomi Himo C20, FIIDO D4s surpasses C20 because you can unlock it.

Comfortability of FIIDO D4S

FIIDO D4S has inflatable 20″ tires. These wheels are larger – in comparison with older FIIDO models. So with these tires, the e-bike will ride more comfortably. Moreover, inflatable tires are suitable for shock-absorption.

While we are talking about shock-absorption, the main question arises – does FIIDO D4s has a suspension system?

Unfortunately, it does not have a suspension system. So inflatable tires are the only feature that helps with shock-absorption. It is not a surprise that FIIDO D4s has no suspension. In comparison, Xiaomi Himo C20 also does not have a suspension system.

The good thing about FIIDO D4s that it has Shimano 6-gear system and double disc brakes. So, you are capable ride on the speed you like while breaks will work steadily.


FIIDO D4s Final Thoughts

The GoodThe Bad
✅ Cheap🔴 No Suspension System
✅ High Top Speed
✅ Long Travel Range
✅ Lightweight
✅ Large tires

Thus, as you can see, FIIDO created something astonishing for a fair price. FIIDO D4s has all the features which are required from e-bike for commuting. Moreover, it has larger wheels and a great design.

It competes with more expensive e-bikes like Xiaomi Himo C20, Z20, and other similar e-bikes. And in some areas are even better than these e-bikes. For example, you can unlock FIIDO D4s to get the top speed of 33-34 km/h.

The main downside of FIIDO D4s is that it does not have a suspension system. So it can be a bit firm while riding an uneven road. Thus, take note that other expensive e-bikes also do not have a suspension system.

So, FIIDO D4s is an excellent e-bike for commuting. It has a great design, is lightweight, has a high top speed, and long travel range. So we can say with confidence that FIIDO D4s will brake the market of e-bikes.

FIIDO D4s Top Deals

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