Roborock Q7 Max Plus Review: is it a budget self-cleaning robot vacuum cleaner?

Roborock Q is high-performance series of the Roborock brand usually cheaper than Roborock Premium S series.

So, in this review we will take a closer look at one of the newest Roborock self-cleaning robot vacuums and will see if it can be called a budget robot vacuum cleaner.

Roborock Q7 Max Plus Vacuuming performance

Robot vacuum cleaner Roborock Q7 has a relatively high suction power of 4200 Pa, for example Roborock S7+ capable to reach 2500 Pa.

So, we can consider that Roborock Q7, as robot vacuum cleaner, is capable to suck sticky debris from the floor and to swept hardly reachable dirt from the carpet.

Regarding mopping function of Roborock Q7 MAX Plus, it is similar as in Roborock S5 MAX. It is using water pump and like that controlling waters levels that are coming to the mopping pad.

While Roborock S7 and S8 models are already using more improved method – VibraRise. These robots are using vibrations while mopping, this leading to the cleaner floor.

As, Roborock S7 and S8 models, Roborock Q7 has self-emptied dock included, which is a premium feature for the robot vacuum cleaners.

Price of Roborock Q7 MAX Plus

The price of Roborock Q7 MAX Plus starts from €800, so it is clearly not a budget vacuum cleaner. For this price you can buy premium Roborock S7 and S8 models with better mopping and navigation capabilities.

Although, robot vacuum cleaner Roborock Q7 MAX Plus has an enormous suction power, even greater than Roborock S7 models. But for the similar price you can buy a new Roborock S8 model – suction power of 6000 Pa.

So, Roborock Q7 MAX Plus, is not a budget robot vacuum cleaner. And after checking all its capabilities, the better choice would be a new Roborock S8 model which is even cheaper.

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