Electric scooter Xiaomi Mijia 1S comparison with Ninebot Max G30 and Xiaomi Mi Pro 2

Xiaomi Mijia 1S vs Ninebot MAX G30 vs Xiaomi Mi Pro 2

The comparison of most popular electric scooters right now – Xiaomi Mijia 1S, Ninebot MAX G30 and Xiaomi Mi Pro 2.

Best robot vacuum cleaners (updated 11.25.2020)

Roborock S5 MAX vs VIOMI V3 vs Lenovo X1

Comparison of best robot vacuum cleaners. Here is the list of the best robot vacuum cleaners. Does Roborock S5 MAX beat Roborock S6? Does Lenovo X1 break the robot vacuum cleaners market? Is robot vacuum cleaner 360 S7 better, than Roborock S5? Get all your answers in the post.