Viomi V3 vs. Viomi V2 PRO Review: is the latest Viomi robot better?

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Viomi V3 vs. Viomi V2 PRO: Main Tech Specs

Viomi V3Viomi V2 PRO
Suction:2600 Pa2100 Pa
Battery:4900 mAh3200 mAh
Coverage:*250 m2150 m2
Dust Box:550 ml550 ml
Water Tank:550 ml550 ml
2 in 1 Box:300 dust box
200 water tank
300 dust box
200 water tank 
Copper-silver ionizationYesNo
Multi-floor storingYes, 5 mapsYes, 5 maps
AI Dynamic Path:YesNo
No Mop areas:YesYes
Water Flow Control:YesYes
Recharge and Resume:YesYes
Scheduling:Yes, 7Yes

*Robot vacuum coverage of cleaning in 1 go.

Viomi V3 vs Viomi V2 PRO
Viomi V3 vs Viomi V2 PRO

The latest robot vacuum cleaner V3 of Viomi has lots of upgrades in comparison with its predecessor Viomi V2 PRO. We can see much increase in Suction Power and Battery Life. Moreover, Viomi V3 has other unusual features, like Copper-silver ionization. Which, according to Viomi, kills 99% of bacteria. So, let’s examine V3 on this post. Is it truly far better than Viomi V2 PRO?

Viomi V3 vs. Viomi V2 PRO: Vacuuming performance

Viomi V3 has a stunning suction power – 2600 Pa. It is one of the most powerful robot vacuum cleaners on the market. For example, the suction power of Roborock 6 is 2000 Pa, and of iRobot Roomba S9+, which is 2200 Pa. So Viomi V3 is overtaking these premium class robot vacuums by 400-600 Pa. Using its high suction power Viomi V3 can suck more massive steel balls cleanly.

Meanwhile, the older Viomi robot vacuum – V2 PRO has a suction power of 2100 Pa. Which is good, but Viomi V3 has a higher power suction by 500 Pa. In this way, Viomi V3 will vacuum about 20 % more rubbish, debris, and other small things on the floor, in comparison with Viomi V2 PRO.

Also, Viomi V3 has an upgraded navigation algorithm. By using AI Dynamic Path, Viomi V3 will determine in which ways it will vacuum area faster – by going in horizontal lines, or by taking cleaning in vertical lines. Using this principle, Viomi V3, also, makes sure that it will not leave any spot uncleaned. Thus Viomi V3 cleaning performance is increased by 30 %. Unfortunately, Viomi V2 PRO does not have AI Dynamic Path, so it still vacuums in the old routing style.

Viomi V3 AI Dynamic Path
Viomi V3 AI Dynamic Path

Moreover, with large dust bin – 550 ml, both Viomi V3 and Viomi V2 PRO can vacuum a lot of rubbish and other small debris to its container, till there is a need to empty it. Although, if you wish to use mopping or mopping + vacuuming modes, you will have to change this dust bin to the water tank or 2 in 1 box.

So, in comparison with Viomi V2 PRO, we can see that Viomi V3 vacuuming performance is much improved. Viomi V3 has 500 more Pa of suction power, and its navigational algorithm is enhanced. By using AI Dynamic Path, Viomi V3 will clean quicker and more precisely.

Viomi V3 vs. Viomi V2 PRO: Mopping

Both Viomi V3 and Viomi V2 PRO have amazing mopping capabilities. When it comes to mopping, Viomi V3 and Viomi V2 PRO stand out from other robovacs with their larger water tanks – 550 ml. Although, as mentioned before, you will have to change tank to the dust bin, or 2 in 1 box, if you will need to use vacuuming or vacuuming + mopping modes.

According to Viomi, with this 550 ml water tank, you can mop 250 m2. For example, Roborock S5 MAX using its water tank can mop up to 200 m2. So Viomi V3 and Viomi V2 PRO overtake Roborock S5 MAX by 50 m2. On the other hand, Roborock S5 MAX has an individual dust bin and the water tank so it can vacuum and mop at once. While if you like to use this mode for Viomi V3 and Viomi 2 PRO, you need to change water tank to 2 in 1 Box. 2 in 1 box has a 200 ml water tank, so with it Viomi V3 or Viomi V2 PRO will mop only up to 80-100 m2.

Viomi V3 and Viomi V2 PRO have a water flow control function on the app. You can set low, medium, or maximum water pouring to the mopping pad. Higher the level, the wetter pad is. So, if you will have many dried stains on the floor, it is better to set the maximum level to clean these stains. In the case of dried stains, Viomi V3 and Viomi V2 PRO move in Y-type shape while mopping. By doing this, Viomi V3 and Viomi V2 PRO get rids of dried stains far quicker. Moreover, on both of these robovacs water is controlled smartly, there is no unwanted leakage of water.

So, as you can see, there is no difference between Viomi V3 and Viomi V2 PRO on mopping capabilities. Both these robot vacuum cleaners do a stunning job on mopping. They can wash very large areas, control of water flow, and there is no unnecessary leakage of water. Most importantly, using their Y-type movement and a maximum flow of water to the mopping pad, Viomi V3, and Viomi V2 PRO can clean even very dried stains.

Viomi V3 vs. Viomi V2 PRO: Battery, Multi-maps and Scheduling

The latest Viomi V3 has a 4900 mAh battery, while Viomi V2 PRO has a 3200 mAh. With this battery, Viomi V3 can work for about 2 hours 30 min and clean up to 250 m2 in one go. Meanwhile, Viomi V2 PRO can run for about 1 hour 40 min and, in that time, clean up to 150 m2 in one go. So, Viomi V3 will wash about 100 m2 more than Viomi V2 PRO in one run. 

Both Viomi V3 and Viomi V2 PRO have a recharge and resume function. It means, that when robot vacuum cleaners run outs of its battery while doing its cleaning task, it will come back to charge, and when robot vacuum cleaner fully charges it goes to continue cleaning job. So no matter how large your home is, by using recharge and resume ability, Viomi V3, and Viomi V2 PRO will always finish their cleaning tasks. Yet, Viomi V3 has a larger battery, than Viomi V2 PRO, so by cleaning more area in 1 go, Viomi V3 will clean larger homes quicker, than Viomi V2 PRO. Also, the improved navigation algorithm of Viomi V3 contributes to that.

Viomi V3 supports 5-floor maps. You can save up to 5 different plans on it. It is very convenient when your house contains more than one level – you can save each floor map on Viomi V3. It will remember every floor and clean them accordingly. Sadly, Viomi V2 PRO does not have this ability. Thus it is not very comfortable to use it in a house with more than one floor (Update: Viomi recently updated V2 PRO with the ability to save up to 5 maps).

Noteworthy, that Viomi V3 improved on Scheduling. Now you can save up to 7 schedules for each day. For instance, you can set different cleaning times for every room – set a cleaning of the bedroom in the morning, living room – afternoon, and kitchen – evening. By 7 schedules, there is an ability to clean each room at different times every day. So you have more flexibility. While on Viomi V2 PRO you can save only 1 Schedule, and Viomi V2 PRO will keep it regularly on every day.

Viomi V3 vs. Viomi V2 PRO: Copper-silver ionization

Viomi advertises that V3 has a copper-silver material, and by using it, Viomi V3 kills 99% of bacteria. So, let’s examine it.

First of all, how copper-silver destroy bacteria? In short, copper-silver ions bond with bacteria cells. By doing this, there is a chemical reaction, on which copper-silver ions kill bacteria. This process takes time – it can take 30-45 days for ions to penetrate bacteria. This a popular disinfection method used on water systems, pools, etc.

So, coper-silver ionization takes a long time, while the robot vacuum filtration process takes about 1 sec. Thus, there are a lot of doubts that Viomi V3 would be able to eradicate 99% of bacteria by using Copper-silver material. Surely it is better to have this kind of matter on the robot vacuum in the filtration system, but the efficiency of it as declared is questionable.

Viomi V3 vs. Viomi V2 PRO: Results

Viomi V3Viomi V2 PRO
✅More suction power✅Much cheaper
✅Larger battery✅5 Floor-maps (updated)
✅5 Floor-maps
✅Upgraded navigation
✅7 Schedules

In a nutshell, Viomi V3 has a better cleaning performance, than Viomi V2 PRO. Also, in comparison with Viomi V2 PRO, Viomi V3 is more suitable for larger houses with more than one floor, and you can be more flexible with schedules. The negative side of Viomi V3 is its price, which is about €500, while Viomi V2 PRO price is about €330 now. In my opinion, to be a perfect robot vacuum cleaner, Viomi V3 price has to fall by €60-70.

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