Xiaomi Mijia G1 robot vacuum cleaner review: can you get a quality robot for a low price?

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Xiaomi Mijia G1 robot vacuum cleaner main features

Xiaomi Mijia G1
🔸 2200 Pa Suction Power
🔸 200 ml Water Tank
🔸 Slim Body – 82 mm
🔸 Water Flow Control
🔸 Water Pump
🔸 2 Side Brushes
🔸 Cheap

Xiaomi launched its cheapest robot vacuum – Xiaomi Mijia G1. It costs is only 999 yuan (about €130). Xiaomi Mijia G1 has an eye-catching minimalistic design, powerful suction, and nearly perfect mopping ability. So, will it break the robot vacuum market?

Design of robot vacuum Xiaomi Mijia G1

Xiaomi Mijia G1
Xiaomi Mijia G1

The Xiaomi Mijia G1 has a similar design as older Xiaomi robots. It stands out with an infrared sensor and a thinner body. The design is very similar to the Xiaomi 1C robot vacuum because both robots have no Lidar placed on the top and have infrared sensors on the front.

Because there is no Lidar pole on the top of the Xiaomi Mijia G1, the height of this robot is only 82 mm. So, it will clean under the bed, sofas, chairs, and other furniture easier. For example, the height of the one of the most popular robot vacuum cleaner – Roborock S5 is 96.5 mm. So, Xiaomi Mijia G1 is lower by 14.5 mm.

Cleaning performance of Xiaomi Mijia G1

The suction power of Xiaomi Mijia G1 is 2200 Pa. It is 200 Pa stronger than suction of Roborock S5, S6, S5 MAX, and other robot vacuums, which have 2000 Pa. Those robots cost from €330 to €600 or more. Therefore, Mijia G1 will absorb more dust and other debris on the spot than mentioned robovacs, also its price only around €150-200.

Another great thing about Xiaomi Mijia G1 that it has two side-brushes. Even many of premium class robot vacuums have only one side-brush. With two side-brushes Xiaomi Mijia G1 efficiency of cleaning is improved.

As mentioned, Xiaomi Mijia G1 does not have Lidar. So its mapping and navigation are not so precise, like robot vacuums, which are laser-guided. So it can stuck more often, than expensive robots. But it goes in vertical and horizontal lines, like a premium vacuum. Mijia G1 does not clean randomly, like other cheap robots. Moreover, on the app, there is a possibility to stop Mijia G1 from sweeping. Also, Mijia G1 mapping and navigation are good enough to clean the corners of the room.

Xiaomi Mijia G1 Smart Route Planning
512Xiaomi Mijia G1 Smart Route Planning

Battery Capacity of Xiaomi Mijia G1 is 2500 mAh. For example, Roborock S5 has a 5200 mAh battery. So Xiaomi Mijia G1 has a twice as small battery as Roborock S5. With this battery, it should clean about 120 m2 in 1 go. Also, G1 has an Auto Recharge feature, if it’s the battery is empty, it will go back to its charging port and will begin charging itself.

Xiaomi Mijia G1
Xiaomi Mijia G1

Xiaomi Mijia G1 mopping

Although Xiaomi Mijia G1 is cheap, it has astonishing mopping capabilities. Firstly, its water tank capacity is 200 ml, while Roborock S6 has a 140 ml tank. This amount of water is enough to mop more than 120 m2. So you will not need to refill a water tank if the robot will be cleaning a larger area.

Moreover, Xiaomi Mijia G1, like Roborock S5 MAX, has a water pump. By using a water pump, the robot creates pressure to improve mopping performance. Also, the water pump lets you control the water flow, while Xiaomi Mijia G1 mops. You can set water to drip into the mopping pad in 3 levels – low, medium, and large. From these levels, it will depend on how watery the mopping will be.

Xiaomi Mijia G1 Final thoughts

The GoodThe Bad
✅Very Cheap🔴No Premium Features*
✅Powerful suction🔴No Lidar
✅Large Water Tank
✅Great Mopping

*Premium features: Room Recognition, Scheduling, Multi-floor maps.

So as you can see, for a low price, you can get an awesome robot vacuum that has almost excellent cleaning capabilities. Powerful suction, amazing mopping, and smart route planning are the main pillars that required from a cleaning robot. Xiaomi Mijia G1 does things very fine, so for the price that you pay, you will get more.

However, Xiaomi Mijia G1 does not have a Lidar. It does not use laser for mapping, as more expensive robot vacuums do. So its navigation it’s not good as a premium robot, but it is much better in comparison with cheap ones. Moreover, Xiaomi Mijia G1 is not as flexible as premium robots. It does not have features, like Carpet Boost, Room Recognition, Resume and Recharge, Scheduling, Multi-floor maps.

Therefore, if you need a robot vacuum to clean your home suitably, and premium features are not required, Xiaomi Mijia G1 is a perfect pick for a €150-230.

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Xiaomi Mijia G1

Xiaomi Mijia G1
Xiaomi Mijia G1

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